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Can people experience & enjoy a relationship with God in the hip-hop culture (without having to leave the community or do Gospel versions of the elements)? Yes!

City Lights was founded with the love and leadership of God and a love for hip-hop’s elements, history, culture, and people. The hope is to see Canada’s hip-hop community following Jesus Christ (while staying hip-hop). So far, mainly through word of mouth, people with different backgrounds, struggles, and histories, of various ages and faith levels have reached our events. Many have been blessed, formed good friendships, and grew deeper in the faith. This was possible because of God and the support of others. If you would like to help as well, check out the different ways below.

Feel free to send’em up for this ministry and the hip-hop community at any time. We’ve seen God do amazing things from them. If you would like to be on an prayer support email list, let us know using the Contact page above. One is sent out every month or so with updates. If you would like us to pray for you, contact us and we’ll gladly do that.

If you would like to provide goods or services, that’d be dope. If you would like to donate funds, SIM is an international missions organisation that we’ve partnered with and they can issue tax receipts in several countries. In Canada, click here. (In the US, click here. For other countries, contact us and we’ll let you know how you can donate.)

Thankfully our growth has been mostly through word of mouth. If you know someone that might be interested, feel free to connect’em with this site, our email, or any of our social media links. We would love to connect with them.

What we do isn’t easy and we could always use kind words and actions and help us to keep going. Feel free to contact us to do that. It is always more than welcome.

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