City Lights

Our site is under construction, but you can still check the info below as well as our Instagram or Facebook pages.

What we been up to during the pandemic:

* Q&A is where people bring questions about God, faith, life, personal issues, etc. Then we discuss them with respect, caring, and fun. It's been dope to talk about these things with fellow deejays, graff writers, breakers, emcees, and more. Hit us up (through our IG) for the Zoom link.

* On Instagram or Facebook, check out stories of how God has helped hip-hop heads, short Bible studies, and more.

* Conversations over the phone, Zoom calls, and messaging chats to see how people are holding up as this pandemic has been tough on many.

* An international annual summit called Uprock Canada to gather Christians who are hip-hop artists, fans, and historians for fellowship and encouragement.

* Hope 'N Mic is an open mic that brings hope. Emcees, spoken word artists, and singers share their talents to uplift and encourage the others who log in. You can check out this video below:

Some other tingz we did before the pandemic:

* Breakin' Sessions - Loving the b-boys and b-girls by providing a session where they can practice. Good floor, good tunes, and good vibes. Let's build our skillz and build each other up. - These are on hold during the pandemic. Looking forwards to having them back.

* 2v2 Charity Breaking Jam - A breaking jam to raise clothes for the homeless and shoes for underprivileged youth. Check the video below (created by the homie, Geoff Guich):

What God's been doing since we started (in 2013):

- Helping the hip-hop community improve/learn the hip-hop elements
- Helping the hip-hop community learn about God
- Helping the hip-hop community serve others
- Helping each other get better in our faith and relationships with God
- Helping people find forgiveness in Christ and decide to follow God's ways in life, character, and relationships
- Helping people gain friendships
- Helping people realise that Christians and fellowship doesn't have to always look a certain way

Again, if you'd like to connect (to ask a question, participate, invite, partner up, support, encourage, etc.), hit us up on Instagram or Facebook.

City Lights - Cuzza God's love & truth, we're a collective & a movement that does our best to serve the hip-hop community, bless others, & follow Jesus Christ.