City Lights


Letting the hip-hop community know how much God loves them and hoping to help them love him back.
(All without any pressure/expectations for those in the hip-hop culture to leave their crews, stop doing the elements, or do "Christian versions" of them.)


Both faith and hip-hop are things that are much better when experienced than from a distance. So come by our events where we encourage the elements and learning about God. For details, check our Instagram or Facebook pages or send us a message (bottom of the page).

Loving the b-boys and b-girls by providing a session where they can practice. Good floor, good tunes, and good vibes. Let's build our skillz and build each other up.

One Saturday a month, it's an opportunity for the hip-hop commmunity to bless others (what God loves) by serving meals to the marginalised.

Uprock Canada is an annual hip-hop and Christian summit to gather and see what a life with God within the hip-hop culture looks like, encouraging each other in faith and the elements.

There are more big plans on the way, but in the meantime, if mentoring or a listening ear is something you'd like to try, hit us with through the Contact link below.

Another Invite

This metaphor might seem mad corny, and it could work with emcees, deejays, graf writers, or breakers, but...
Once, a b-boy performed at an exhibition to a group of youth. Some of the teens weren’t interested and didn’t pay much attention. Some of them thought it was dope, but cuz they didn't love it, their passion died cuz of the haters and doubters. Others had the passion and love, but the pressures and worries of life and the slickness of wealth squashed their practicing so their dancing eventually died. Then there were those who enjoyed it, did it right, and put in the time. Their skillz grew, winning battles and helping many others love and grow as breakers.
If anyone wants to understand, let them think/ask about it.


To see Canada’s hip-hop community being shaped by Jesus Christ (including helping others have a relationship with God too).

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