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It's not always readily experienced, but God is good, wise, powerful, graceful, truthful, loyal, etc. Through him we find true hope, peace, love, truth, etc. Often times, the hip-hop community doesn't get that chance to know God in a personal relationship or to be shaped by his son, Jesus Christ. That's what we want: To see Canada’s hip-hop community being shaped by Jesus Christ (including helping others have a relationship with God too).
And we will do this without ramming tings down people's throats or putting any pressure/expectations on anyone to leave their crews, stop doing the elements, or do "Christian versions" of them.

To show our love for this culture and for the people, we have a few opportunities:
breaking sessions
Q&A (ask about God, faith, etc.) and we discuss
serving meals to the marginalised

And a few more that we're working on:
summit & breaking jam
leadership & rap/emcee program


Both faith and hip-hop are things that are much better when experienced than from a distance. So come by our events where we encourage the elements and learning about God. For details, check our Instagram or Facebook pages or send us a message (bottom of the page).

Loving the b-boys and b-girls by providing a session where they can practice. Good floor, good tunes, and good vibes. Let's build our skillz and build each other up.

One Saturday a month, it's an opportunity for the hip-hop commmunity to bless others (what God loves) by serving meals to the marginalised.

Uprock Canada is an annual hip-hop and Christian summit to gather and see what a life with God within the hip-hop culture looks like, encouraging each other in faith and the elements.

There are more big plans on the way, but in the meantime, if mentoring or a listening ear is something you'd like to try, hit us with through the Contact link below.

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