City Lights

Hip-hop, you, and God.
We're a hip-hop faith family based on grace, truth, transformation, and invitation to the Gospel.
Come reach this crew that's centred on God in culturally relevant and personally meaningful ways.
(There are no expectations of leaving your crews or doing Gospel versions of the elements of hip-hop).


Check out our weekly, monthly, and annual events. (We do our best to keep the info updated, but just in case there are any changes or cancellations, check our Instagram page before coming.) And if you would like to talk about life, God, faith, etc., whether in person, over the phone, or online, give us a shout and we'll see what we can do.

Open Sessions on Fridays! Come and practice - or learn - breaking (breakdancing). Nice floors and good vibes. 4-6pm @ 300 Steeles Ave. E. in Toronto (Bayview and Steeles, use the upper east side doors). Whether it's for excellence, expression, or exercise, let's build our skillz and build each other up.

The following will be on hold through the Christmas season, but look for them (and more) in the new year!

There are steps between writing lyrics and performing on stage. We're renting a rehearsal studio for emcees, spoken word artists, and beatboxers to practice and learn. Whether it's your rhymes, flow, mic control, or stage presence, Free Practice is a space for artists to give each other feedback and help each other improve. Third Wednesdays of the month, 7-9pm, 660 Richmond St. W. in Toronto, room 16. Free of charge to you.

On Saturday, November 18th, we're having a Hip-Hop Helps evening by serving meals to the marginalised in the neighbourhood. Whether it's to pay it forward or give back, let's have the hip-hop community bless'em. It's at 5:30-8:30pm at 789 Dovercourt Road in Toronto (free parking on the north side too), which is the home of Bloor Central Salvation Army.

In conjunction with Krosswerdz of Australia, we held a hip-hop, Christian conference called Uprock Canada. It was a time to learn about the hip-hop elements, check out a concert, and see what a life with God in hip-hop looks like. Everyone enjoyed the event and are waiting to see if we do it again next year (we probably will). Check out some photos by clicking here.

The hip-hop community isn't always big on vulnerability, but it helps cuz life is better when not done alone (and with people who'll love you). Crew Therapy is a time to safely share about how we've been (you can pass if you want) with laughing, crying, venting, or celebrating. We'll also pray with/for each other.

More than learning, this Hip-Hop Bible Study will be about experiencing God in the midst of our real lives (but not in a what-the-heck-is-going-on kinda way). It'll be a time to either connect or re-connect with God in a personal, loving, and enjoyable way. It'll be dope and hopeful.

The Real

Do you want a change in your character or circumstances? Do you need God's help, healing, or hope in your life? How about forgiveness or freedom? Or are you searching for love and truth? That's okay if you do, there ain't no shame in that. Check it: He's the one that created everything. He is perfect, good, truthful, wise, powerful - and graceful. With this, he wanted a great relationship with people - including you. However, all people - including you and including us, have sinned because of our disobedience to God in how we relate with him and with other people. Death is the consequence of sin (and along the way, we could suffer from broken relationships and hurt selves). Everyone gets hit and nobody can earn, buy out, or do more good to get us off this path. So out of his love, God sent his son Jesus Christ. He was fully God and fully man, lived a sinless life, and then took the death for our sins on the cross. He even came back alive to show that this is true. God calls everyone everywhere to trust in Christ for forgiveness, to be saved from death, and to live in a personal relationship with God, turning from a life of sin and . When we do have that faith, we can be confident that all of God’s good promises will come true and we can live out this new life. That might not mean that everything is solved overnight, but it does include growing in meaningfulness, hope, love, joy, peace, purpose, and transformation - all while walking with others in a community. Now the choice is yours: Will you accept Jesus Christ into your heart as Saviour and Leader? If so, tell God. If not, what are the obstacles? Either way, we'd like to know. Give us a shout.

Real hip-hop. Real Jesus Christ. Real forgiveness. Real freedom. Real love. Real authenticity. Real journey. Real adventure. Real security. Real peace. Real life. Real acceptance. Real change. Real truth. Real hope. Real purpose. Real interactions with God. Real impact. Real fun. Real joy. Real friendships. Real belonging. Real power. Real relevance. Real healing. Real good. Real redemption. Real eternity. Real dope. Real worth it.

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