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There's a documentary being made and we're in it. Check out the teaser (featuring our Open Rehearsals).

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One of the writers of the Bible described Jesus Christ as the Word became flesh (meaning human) and he lived among us, and we saw his greatness, the glory as the only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth. City Lights is about the hip-hop community and life with God through Jesus Christ – and we don’t believe you have to stop being hip-hop to do it (or becoming Gospel versions of them). We can keep deejaying, break(danc)ing, emceeing, and graffiti writing, but we add knowing God, through learning and experience. He’s real, life is real, and we keep it real. We also keep asking questions, finding the answers, and navigating through life with a growing hope, love, and faith. (Examples are: Trusting the good and powerful God in a world that sometimes sucks, adjusting our character around the truths about Jesus, asking God for help and seeing prayers answered, finding our purposes, and not feeling/being alone in the bad or good times.) So if you’re involved in or interested in the hip-hop culture, come and connect with us at one of our events or use the contact form below. It’ll be dope to link up.


Whether it's for expression, exercise, or a pursuit of excellence, there's lotsa space for all breakers to practice (or for beginners to learn). The refinished floor and air conditioning help too haha. With good vibes, let's build our skillz and build each other up.

A professional studio for all emcees, spoken word artists, beatboxers, and singers to develop their mic skillz and performance sets. We'll even have some exercises to develop your creativity. Backed by musicians and with feedback from each other, practice makes perfect.

The hip-hop community isn't always big on vulnerability, but it helps cuz life is better when not done alone (and with people who'll love you). This is a time to safely share about how we've been (you can pass if you want) with laughing, crying, venting, or celebrating. If we have time, we'll also pray with/for each other.

In conjunction with Krosswerdz of Australia, we held a hip-hop, Christian conference called Uprock Canada. It was a time to learn about the hip-hop elements, check out a concert, and see what a life with God in hip-hop looks like. Check out some photos by clicking here.

We'll be adding events throughout the year, but for more details and to check out pics from these ones, follow/like our social media sites.

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“It’s not a church, but a group worth checking out is City Lights.” – tomanto (on Reddit)

“I have had to ignore the hip-hop culture that I grew up in when relating to people in the church world. It's...authentic fellowship and growing together without judgment, just love.” – Craig, an emcee/producer

“I was told that hip-hop and Christianity can never come together...This community has...showed me that the Bible is still active today, even in the hip-hop community.” – Gabe, a b-boy

"I found a group of Christians that I can be myself around...City Lights is a positive thing in my life and that's important..." – Daniel

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