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Since we started in January 2013, God has been making things happen in a few broad categories:

- Helping people improve/try the hip-hop elements (breaking sessions, emcee rehearsals)
- Serving others (meals to the marginalised, clothes for the homeless and underprivileged youth)
- Learning about God (Q&A, one-on-one discipleships, Bible studies)
- Helping people decide to follow Jesus and growing a heart to help others follow Jesus
- Giving out Bibles
- Gaining good friendships (breaking bread, shows/jams, chillin'; sharing, caring, praying)
- Loving God, each other, and the hip-hop community

Here are a few things we currently have going on:

Breakin' Sessions
Loving the b-boys and b-girls by providing a session where they can practice. Good floor, good tunes, and good vibes. Let's build our skillz and build each other up.

Q&A and Pray
A gathering to ask your questions about God, faith, etc. We will discuss them and then pray with each other - all with fun, sensitivity, confidentiality, and acceptance.

One-on-One Mentoring
Getting together to talk about life, faith, etc. and pray.

Uprock Canada & 2v2 Charity Breaking Jam
An annual summit to gather Christians who are hip-hop artists, fans, and historians. There are two parts: first a fellowship to make connections and find encouragement, followed by a charity breaking jam.

Feel free to reach any of these. Looking forward to connecting with you.