City Lights


Providing those in the hip-hop culture with opportunities to grow in the elements, community, and in the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. Let's link. We want to encourage you in your crafts and in your connections with God (with no expectations to leave your crews, quit the elements, or do Gospel version of them).

Often times, those in the hip-hop culture and community are looking for things such as being known, loved, helped, and not feeling alone. The ultimate versions of these are found in God. He is good, wise, powerful, gentle, graceful, truthful, loyal, etc. and wants to give us hope, peace, care, forgiveness, direction, healing, second chances, etc. In return, we grow to know him, love him and others, and live with his direction. God wants to have a relevant relationship with the hip-hop heads and it's available through the love and leadership found in Jesus Christ. And we wanna help.


Can you imagine the hip-hop community knowing God so much that even the stereotypes change? That the rep is no longer associated with sex, drugs, thugs, etc, but rather generosity, kindness, and peace? That's what we want. We want to see Canada’s hip-hop community being shaped by Jesus Christ (including helping others have a relevant relationship with God too).


Both faith and hip-hop are things that are much better when experienced than from a distance. So come by our events where we encourage the elements and connecting with God. We aren't perfect, but we'll do our best to love you, help you know how much God sees you and loves you, and learn together how to love him back and to love others well.


Loving the b-boys and b-girls by providing a session where they can practice. Good floor, good tunes, and good vibes. Let's build our skillz and build each other up.

Q&A and Pray

This is a time to ask your questions about God, faith, etc. We will discuss them and then pray with each other - all with fun, sensitivity, confidentiality, and acceptance.

Uprock Canada

An annual summit to gather Christians who are hip-hop artists, fans, and historians. There are two parts: first a fellowship to make connections and find encouragement, followed by a breaking jam. Details and RSVP by clicking HERE.

For updates, check our Instagram or Facebook pages or send us a message (bottom of the page). And there are more tings on the way. In the meantime, if mentoring or a listening ear is something you'd like to try, hit us up through the contact or social media links below.

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