City Lights

Hip-Hop x God

graffiti writing
knowing (discovering/following) Christ

We do this by keeping our culture, having a relationship with God, and treating people with love, respect, etc.
And all this without any pressure/expectations to leave hip-hop, your crews, or to do Gospel versions of the elements.

Faith + Culture

Both faith and hip-hop are things that are much better when experienced than from a distance. So come by our events where we encourage the elements and learning about God. For details, check our Instagram or Facebook pages or send us a message (bottom of the page).

On Mondays, these sessions are a free spot where b-boys and b-girls can practice. Good floor. Good tunes. Good vibes. Let's build our skillz and build each other up.

Every Sunday, this is a time to read the Bible, discussing Scripture together in a way that's understandable and relatable, ask questions, share stories, and pray with each other.

One Saturday a month, it's an opportunity for hip-hop to give back by serving meals to the marginalised.

There are steps between writing lyrics and performing on stage. Whether it's your skillz, a song, or a stage set, these "open mics" are a space for emcees to help each other improve.

Uprock Canada is an annual hip-hop and Christian summit to gather and see what a life with God within the hip-hop culture looks like, encouraging each other in faith and the elements.

Life + People

Real hip-hop. Real Jesus Christ. Real forgiveness. Real love. Real acceptance. Real authenticity. Real journey. Real adventure. Real security. Real peace. Real living. Real change. Real truth. Real freedom. Real hope. Real healing. Real purpose. Real interactions with God. Real impact. Real improvement. Real fun. Real joy. Real friendships. Real belonging. Real power. Real relevance. Real meaningful. Real good. Real redemption. Real eternity. Real dope. Real worth it.

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